Living Room Mid-Century Modern style Virtual staging (LMC_0011)

Natural tones make any interior welcoming and inspiring. The presence of a wooden floor encouraged a designer to arrange several more wooden pieces including a vintage stand and an armchair with net sides and a soft seat and back of the fresh grass shade. The rest of the items are in earthy and warm hues including a light beige sofa with curved armrests, a stone coffee table that consists of two pieces, and a designer mini-table that looks like cut in the middle. Even a carpet features natural shades but a unique pattern makes it bright and eye-catching. Two more elements that attract the sight are art objects on the wall and green spots including pillows and a large palm tree with wide leaves. The presence of numerous decorative pieces adds comfort and homey atmosphere too.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Mid-Century Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Green

Color: Brown

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