Bedroom Scandinavian style Virtual staging (BS_0013)

Lots of open space and only necessary furniture pieces make this bedroom functional and comfortable at the same time. Its unique feature is the beautiful lined decor of the wall in the olive shade! The rest of the pieces look quite traditional for a Scandinavian style. A simple light gray bed is adorned with pillows of two bright colors. One of them repeats the color of the wall and the second one is similar to the shade of the natural wood. It was chosen not occasionally since a bedside table, a dresser, a shelf for books, and even a frame of the mirror are made of this popular material. A light cylinder puff with a wooden base is aligned with a round mirror and white bulbs hanging from the ceiling! The room is also adorned with natural flowers that fill it with greenery and freshness.

Room purpose: Bedroom

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Orange

Color: Green

Color: Grey

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