Living Room Mid-Century Modern style Virtual staging (LMC_0013)

Wood makes interiors attractive, beautiful, and easy to maintain so it has been incorporated in this living room not occasionally. In addition to a wooden floor, there is a stunning wooden decor on the wall made of small panels, large pieces, and mirror inclusion set between them. Other wooden elements are a large commode, a wall-mounted shelf, and even a lamp leg too. There is also a square two-layered coffee table in the center of a room and a rattan armchair with a large white soft seat placed on a patterned beige rug. All these wooden items are combined with a dark green sofa of a streamlined shape, a matching plastic side table, and two light puffs with wooden legs. There is also an art piece with green elements and natural plants and flowers in this room too.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Mid-Century Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Green

Color: Brown

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