Bedroom Scandinavian style Virtual staging (BS_0018)

This bedroom seems to combine a lot of different elements from various styles. The focal point of this room is a large wooden bed with a bed headboard. It's located in the foreground of a beautiful wall with a mirror located in the central part and round decorative plates made of wood. This circle shape can be also seen on a polka-dot carpet, white round puffs with a tray, and an oval decor of the door finish in a dresser. The last one looks gorgeous in its white paint and serves as a surface for various decorative items including modern art objects. A red color we can see in one of the pictures can be also spotted in the red bedside table with a woven drawer. Small examples of natural plants are a great decor of the bedroom too.

Room purpose: Bedroom

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Beige

Color: Brown

Color: Red

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