Living Room Transitional style Virtual staging (LT_0009)

It is great when designers introduce interesting solutions in furniture and wall decoration. This living room is a nice example where a gray textured wall with geometric shapes has a similar representation in the carpet and not only. A light gray corner sofa is adorned with bright patterned cushions and a striped blanket. Golden decor has been applied not only onto the wall but also in other furniture pieces. There is a two-layered golden end table of the unusual form and a combination of round coffee tables in the center of the room where one is white and lined as well as the second one has a transparent glass top in the golden frame and with a golden vase on it. Even a unique stand in the TV zone is decorated with golden elements and serves as storage space for dishes, candles, and other trifles. The brightest spots in this interior are two burgundi puffs with wooden cone legs and a pot tree that adds freshness and life.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Transitional

Color: White

Color: Grey

Color: Purple

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