Kids room Modern style Virtual staging (KM_0005)

Natural wood seems to be a perfect and safe material for a kid's room, so a wide range of such items in this interior isn't surprising. It's clear that a bed with a semi-circular headboard and light blue padding is the main attribute of the room, but not the only one. There's a small matching table with a chair and box on the wheels, a cupboard that can be also used as a sorter, and baskets to keep toys in. A special atmosphere has been created with the help of lovely wooden shelves in the form of houses, extra lighting on garlands, and lots of wooden toys. You can see everything from a toy carriage run by a snail and a small dog to a truck with lots of rings and a drum. A central place of the room is taken by a round rug that has a paw print on.

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Blue

Color: White

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