Kids room Contemporary style Virtual staging (KC_0025)

It is great when a nursery is airy, spacious, and funny, to some extent, but it should also have some bright colors. This example of a room for a kid has elements with warmth of the sun and coolness of a blue sky. No wonder there is a large bed with a soft headboard adorned with lovely blue pillows and a matching blanket. This bed stands on a light round carpet where a kid can listen to music in his headphones. There is also an interesting yellow bedside table next to it with a silhouette of an astronaut. Opposite the bed, there is a working space with a small wooden desk, some shelves, and a plastic yellow chair. The decor of this room is also extravagant: a modern geometric masterpiece in blue shades, a soft woven puff, a small golden mouse next to the plant, and extra sources of light are the most noticeable examples.

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Contemporary

Color: Yellow

Color: Blue

Color: White

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