Bedroom Modern style Virtual staging (BM_0016)

Purple is a color that gives any room a feeling of royalty and richness, even if it isn't very bright like in this bedroom. This textured wall of the purple shade emphasizes the sleeping area with a quite neutral bed. However, a decision to add contrasting black and white bedding with a matching purple blanket made this zone wholesome and inviting. The rest of the furniture pieces are in light shades like a rounded banquette and a matching bedside table with metal elements. The dressing area repeats the shade chosen for a bed but a golden trim adds some charm and classy look, especially in the combination with a modern masterpiece standing on it. A mirror next to the window adds depth and makes the room visually more sizable, while a splash of greenery fills the room with positive energy.

Room purpose: Bedroom

Style: Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Grey

Color: Purple

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