Kids room Transitional style Virtual staging (KT_0007)

This kids room probably belongs to a future businessman who is making clear plans for the future now. Its central place is taken by a moss-green bed with a wide lined headboard that is a part of an impressive arch wall composition. The bed is adorned with beige and gray elements, the same as bedside tables, that add warmth and chic to this space. A round striped rug repeats the color scheme and pattern of the wallpapers in the arch. If you look at the commode, you will spot that a white elegant piece acquired dark beige glossy facades like bed decor. The choice of accessories is also interesting, including a whiteboard with some drawings, a glass globe, a laptop on the floor, a funny teddy on the box, and even a potted plant tree that aligns with the rest of the green elements in this room.

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Transitional

Color: Green

Color: Yellow

Color: White

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