Living Room Modern style Virtual staging (LM_0011)

Contrast is a great solution for modern interiors since it allows accentuating the most important things and changes the impression about space. This room features contrast not only in furniture pieces but also in the wall decor. One of them is partially painted dark gray and partially covered with matching panels emphasized with additional LED lights. There is a matching carpet on the floor which hosts a light beige sofa, and there is a white armchair standing beside it too. Next to light pieces, there are dark elements too. Both coffee tables are made of tinted plastic featuring non-traditional curved lines, while a TV zone has a black stand with multiple shelves. The brightest spots in this living room are a natural tree growing in the white pot and an art piece designed in white, blue, and orange shades.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Modern

Color: Brown

Color: Grey

Color: White

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