Kids room Scandinavian style Virtual staging (KS_0018)

Teenagers who are rebellious by nature are not afraid to seem provocative, so a Bla Bla light is a norm for them. The rest of the furniture pieces are rather traditional for a bedroom. There is a large light bed with blankets and pillows of gray and mustard shades. It is accompanied by a soft brown banquette, a small bedside table, and a coat hanger. A more comfortable atmosphere is created thanks to additional lighting in this area and a soft light rug lying on the floor. The opposite side of the room has a large white commode with an attached desk and several shelves hanging above it. The working space is open and is accompanied by an orange chair. The selection of accessories is not big, but you will surely spot lovely toy animals, natural plants, and lots of books there.

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Orange

Color: Grey

Color: White

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