Living Room Contemporary style Virtual staging (LC_0005)

Innovation is a key characteristic of contemporary designs, so it's not surprising to see fresh, different, and unpredictable solutions in this living room. The unique pieces of this interior is a coffee table located in the center of the room and a metal bedside table standing next to a sofa. The first one is made of white marble with an attached glossy white surface, while the second one seems to be made of bronze combining two pieces of n-shape and being adorned with a designer lamp that resembles an earring! The range of furniture is traditional for a living room, but still very elegant and modern. There is a gray sofa with checked cushions, a cozy white armchair with rounded angles, a dark-gray leather puff with metal legs, and a white striped stand with both open and closed drawers. The wall opposite the television is adorned with two pictures that display a variety of green shades like pine, moss, or basil. This color palette can be also seen in the plant decor and a silk textile piece on the puff!

Room purpose: Living

Style: Contemporary

Color: Beige

Color: White

Color: Green

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