Living-Dining room Contemporary style Virtual staging (LDC_0005)

A light color palette always seems too simple, so modern designers tend to include brighter spots in it. This is exactly the reason why this living area with a sofa and puffs of the ivory shade has acquired pastel but still pink arm chairs. Not to look odd together with a large coffee table that combines dark steel parts and a glass top, this zone was enhanced with matching cushions, modern art pieces, a round wall light, and a bouquet of flowers in this light pink color. A dining area also has its focal point on the pure white oval table surrounded by light gray chairs in a textile finish. This is the greenery of the bouquet and a pot palm tree beside it. A television zone has been made simple and less eye-catching combining the purity of the white commode with the blackness of the TV set.

Room purpose: Living-Dining

Style: Contemporary

Color: White

Color: Orange

Color: Beige

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