Living Room Contemporary style Virtual staging (LC_0018)

A unique effect of this living room has been achieved thanks to the use of irregular curves, various shapes, and bright details. A light and airy room with white walls and very light wooden flooring has acquired rather light furniture pieces like a rounded sofa, light gray commode, and a matching rug with one interesting detail - bright rustic and blue edges. These eye-catching shades are repeated in the armchair with a blue cushion, round and square cushions on the sofa, a bowl and other dishware too. Some warmth to this room is added by spectacular golden elements like both coffee tables in the center of the room, commode and lamp trim, etc. However, it is impossible not to mention the effect of lovely curves you can see in the glass decor of the wall, bright edges of the carpet, and a marble side table. The energy of life is added by potted plants and some greenery in the glass vase.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Contemporary

Color: Orange

Color: White

Color: Blue

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