Living Room Contemporary style Virtual staging (LC_0009)

Monochrome is a popular choice for contemporary interiors since a designer can use dynamic shades and create unexpected contradictions. The majority of people would think that marble can be used for flooring or wall decor in the living room, but in this space, it is a material for furniture pieces. This room is adorned with massive round bar tables and small coffee tables made of stone. This unexpected solution is combined with a light modern sofa, lovely gray puffs with a lined pattern on the sides, a sizable designer armchair and two coffee tables of different sizes with a wooden top and wide metal sides painted gold. The accessories decorating this living room are quite versatile too. In addition to a large rectangle mirror with a tender metal frame, there are two framed art objects hanging on the wall, different vases, pot plants, and sources of extra light including a wall-mounted bulb and a floor metal lamp shade in the sitting area.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Contemporary

Color: Beige

Color: White

Color: Red

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