Living-Dining room Transitional style Virtual staging (LDT_0005)

Contrast can be achieved not only by using traditional color opposites, since in this room, light shades are combined with the tone of the hunter green. The dining area is designed in dark shades with a large table, pot flowers, and modern oval armchairs on thin legs. The living area is absolutely different since it is dominated by light furniture and decor while two hunter green puffs seem to unite it with the rest of space. A classic sofa is placed opposite two contemporary armchairs with a metal base painted gold, while a small table with delicate metal legs and a white top is aligned with an original frame of the mirror hanging opposite it. This reflective piece isn't the only one in the room, since a coffee table in the living area is made of glass too. Its dark base looks absolutely compatible with a drak stand located under the mirror.

Room purpose: Living-Dining

Style: Transitional

Color: Beige

Color: Green

Color: Black

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