Living-Dining room Modern style Virtual staging (LDM_0010)

Neutral tones provide a calming effect and help a designer to express a more energetic vibe. No wonder this living room has a large corner sofa of a beige color, two matching n-shaped puffs, and two soft olive chairs that can accommodate a big company. To add some distinctive features to lots of beige including a rug, a designer placed a round black coffee table in the center, added olive and black cushions, and two art objects in the same color palette.
The opposite side of the wall with long white and brown shelves repeats the color palette of the dining area. There is a round table on a thick brown leg surrounded by dark wooden chairs with beige seats and backs. Some greenery fills this space with energy and life.

Room purpose: Living-Dining

Style: Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Green

Color: Black

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