Kids room Mid-Century Modern style Virtual staging (KMC_0007)

A good nursery must be bright, spacious, and pleasant to spend time in. No wonder a designer dedicated to fill it with warmth through the use of a bright yellow shade and other tones of this palette. A monochrome wall paint has also found its representation in an irregular rug that has yellow elements combined with a mustard color, gray, and black. These shades make the basic color scheme of this room with a brown corner bed, a gray star-like puff, and a black lamp standing by the bed. Even a wall decor combines a black-and-white plan of an adventure and a nightlight that looks like a phrase. In addition to a sleeping zone, there is a small working area in white shades and a large wardrobe with funny trees on the doors. These furniture pieces hide toys in the woven basket from the public eye and a part of the planted tree growing in the pot.

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Mid-Century Modern

Color: Yellow

Color: Brown

Color: Orange

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