Dining room Modern style Virtual staging (DM_0005)

Bright accents make any room more spectacular and atmospheric, so the choice of the mustard shade isn't occasional in this dining room. The center of this space is taken by a black round table with an ornate leg and beautiful ceramic decor. It is surrounded by four chairs with soft seats and backs on thin metal legs. The dining area is located within the carpet size covering the wooden floor. A serving area by the wall is also bright and eye-catching. Two abstract art objects hanging on the wall repeat the color palette seen in the dining area, while a light stand with wooden facades under them is adorned with lots of interesting decorative items including a golden bowl, books, and unusual ceramic pieces. A corner beside the stand features a large and green potted tree that fills the room with freshness.

Room purpose: Dining

Style: Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Black

Color: Yellow

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