Kids room Scandinavian style Virtual staging (KS_0002)

Light muted colors and wooden elements are key characteristics of this Scandinavian kid's room. There are clean lines and cozy textiles in the crib that add warmth, comfort, and maximize the effect. Shaping is another main feature, so you can see a round spotted carpet, a circle armchair with a soft back, and lots of square elements like framed pictures, boxes, and pillows. A pretty bench with a soft padding has several white drawers that serve as extra storage, while a combination of white and light blue shades looks very tender and soothing. One more feature of a Scandinavian interior is simple and practical toys often made of wood, so a bike, a train, cubes, and a dog are a part of a playroom combined with soft examples hidden in the basket.

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Scandinavian

Color: White

Color: Beige

Color: Blue

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