Dining room Contemporary style Virtual staging (DC_0025)

Welcome to the сonremporary elegance of this dining room, where sophistication meets contemporary style in a harmonious blend of styles. In the center of the room stands an oval table, a centerpiece of refined elegance, surrounded by exquisite chairs upholstered in beige and green fabrics with brass-look legs. Each chair is a testament to comfort and luxury, inviting guests to linger and savor the culinary delights. A pendant chandelier hangs gracefully above the table, its undulating shape reminiscent of gentle waves, bathing the dining area in a soft and inviting light. A brown chest of drawers against the wall echoes the color palette of the dining table, providing both storage and style. Decorated with a chic bouquet of hydrangeas, it adds a touch of natural beauty and elegance to the room. Next to it are tall metal floor lamps of varying heights, providing additional lighting and enhancing the atmosphere of the dining area.

Room purpose: Dining

Style: Contemporary

Color: Green

Color: White

Color: Brown

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