Home Office room Mid-Century Modern style Virtual staging (OMC_0010)

A home office should have space not only for work but also for rest. This room is an example of how to achieve both these goals! There is a modern desk with a thick wooden top and two different legs: one narrow and transparent one and the second is thick and made of marble that also serves as a pot for a plant tree. This interesting solution isn't the only unpredictable one. There is a rattan chair with a dark seat as well as a unique wall decor above the desk: a mesmerizing round art object in green shades. Another zone in this room is comforting and relaxing. There is a large soft armchair with a pillow and a blanket lit with a standing floor lamp. All these things are standing on a light rug of the ivory shade that frames this space.

Room purpose: Home Office

Style: Mid-Century Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Yellow

Color: White

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