Home Office room Scandinavian style Virtual staging (OS_0002)

Much open space is a characteristic of a traditional Scandinavian interior, so this minimalism in the home office doesn't look surprising. There is a simple wooden desk with drawers and a matching chair made of the same material with a white soft seat and back. The wall in front of the desk is adorned with two modern art objects in light shades with dark spots, while the space to the right of the desk is taken by an openwork cylinder storage unit. All this furniture is located on the rug with a rhombus pattern, and the decor chosen for the room is simple and predictable. Greenery of the potted tree is combined with another plant decor, an elegant candlestick, and a black table lamp that looks very distinctive in the light background.

Room purpose: Home Office

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Beige

Color: Brown

Color: White

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