Living-Dining room Scandinavian style Virtual staging (LDS_0010)

When you look at this room's interior, it seems to take you to the northern parts of the world with snow, icicles, and wooden houses. Lots of natural and additional light as well as the choice of a color palette with a gray sofa, light patterned rug, wooden bench with a textile top, and an armchair covered with a light gray blanket contribute to this feeling. Even a coffee table has a cold shade while a small side table made of light marble with a ceramic lamp seems like a piece of ice. The wall behind the sofa is decorated with numerous drawings and faces a TV zone emphasized by a wooden commode.
A dining area is represented in wood with a traditional rectangular table and classic chairs placed on a light woven carpet.

Room purpose: Living-Dining

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Beige

Color: Grey

Color: Brown

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