Dining room Transitional style Virtual staging (DT_0005)

Designers often make an accent on beautiful art pieces, mirrors, and flowers to create lovely and pleasant interiors. This dining room confirms this fact since a round light table with a thick central leg is decorated with a stunning bouquet of flowers. For it not to look lonely, it's surrounded by dark beige chairs situated on a light plain rug. In addition to these neutral shades there is a burst of colors in another room zone. It's surprising to see a long blue stand with smooth corners and mirror decor and art pieces in the similar color palette. The decor of the stand looks elegant and mesmerizing including candles, ceramic items, vases with ears, and aroma sticks. A large white floor lamp pays attention to this space too.

Room purpose: Dining

Style: Transitional

Color: Beige

Color: Blue

Color: White

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