Living Room Scandinavian style Virtual staging (LS_0018)

Light Scandinavian interiors in living rooms surprise not only with their purity but also expected shapes and forms. This space is a good example of how a couple of yellow elements add warmth to a quite cold and airy interior. There is a spacious light sofa adorned with beige and yellow cushions and a couple of art objects in a light palette display different geometric shapes too. A unique coffee table seems to consist of three parts each one resembling a mushroom with a glossy finish. It is standing on a gray rug together with two n-shaped puffs and a bright yellow armchair. One more eye-catching item in this room is an art piece in yellow shades standing behind the sofa and small decorative pieces lying on the wooden stand in the TV zone. For the whole space to look lively and fresh, there are lush greenery plant elements growing in the pot, standing in the vase, or being a part of the composition with a lamp!

Room purpose: Living

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Beige

Color: White

Color: Yellow

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