Kids room Modern style Virtual staging (KM_0009)

There's hardly any child that hasn't thought about drawing on the walls, but there's an alternative way to display a kid's artistic talent there. This room is an example when parents ordered a reproduction of their child's painting and adorned the whole wall with it. This decor has also influenced the color palette selected for the room. Now we can see a neutral light gray bed with different cushions, and a light rose bedside table that reminds the sunset shade. The working area located opposite the bed has a matching rose table and a designer soft chair of the marine shade covered with suede. A shelf serves as a place for different accessories, while four boxes under the table hide some secrets from our sight. This space is lit thanks to the standing floor torch, while a space next to the desk is taken by a modern bookshelf and a favorite toy.

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Grey

Color: Green

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