Dining room Scandinavian style Virtual staging (DS_0014)

The timeless appeal of neutral pale interiors makes them popular even in today's lives full of bright shades. This elegant light dining room has a calming and mutable effect thanks to the choice of matching wall, floor, and furniture colors. The center of this space is taken by a marble oval table with two u-shaped legs placed on a light patterned rug and surrounded by wooden chairs with soft textile seats. There is also a rest zone highlighted by a lit arch with striped wallpapers, where you can relax on a cozy light bench with rolls on both sides. Even the decor of this room is soothing and ergonomic, including small wall-mounted dot lamps, glass dishware, candles, and greenery with its freshness and energy.

Room purpose: Dining

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Beige

Color: White

Color: Brown

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