Living Room Mid-Century Modern style Virtual staging (LMC_0007)

Bright wooden tones are very popular in mid-century interiors, while eye-catching shades in finishes and textile are characteristic of modern interiors. This living room has a combination of bright wooden floor, a matching stand in the TV zone, and a luxurious leather sofa in the similar tone. They look especially attractive in the black-and-white canvas of the carpet and a bright blue painted wall. This royal blue shade has been also used in a soft round leather puff, while an armchair opposite it has a deep charcoal tone combined with a wooden base. Another spectacular thing in this interior is a black and white carpet that is clearly seen through the glass coffee table, matching art objects on the wall, and a small white mini-table with a black lamp beside the sofa.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Mid-Century Modern

Color: Brown

Color: Grey

Color: Blue

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