Living Room Modern style Virtual staging (LM_0005)

A monochromatic color palette with some contrasting details describe this living room interior the most accurately. A striped carpet on the wooden floor is like a gradient that sets the whole range of tones in this room. A light grayish corner sofa is made of the same textile as well as a long rectangle banquette with thin metal legs. However, both these pieces would look faceless without that diversity of cushions with various patterns and shades that make the interior wholesome. The light hues can be also seen in the photos of sculptures, the top of the mini-table beside a sofa and a stand opposite it, as well as a transparent glass top of the central coffee table. There are also contrasting elements including the lower parts of both small tables and a stand, a television, a tree pot, and even a floor lamp. Even the accessories made of tinted glass and dried plants are an integral part of this monochromatic interior.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Modern

Color: Grey

Color: Black

Color: Brown

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