Bedroom Contemporary style Virtual staging (BC_0038)

Despite a monochrome color palette of this bedroom, its unique atmosphere and coziness have been achieved by the use of different patterns, shapes, and textures. Both walls are adorned with black and white marble patterns that emphasize special room zones. One of them is a sleeping area with a huge bed of rustic shade. It has a large lined headboard and a pure white bedding adorned with black-and-white woolen blanket. The bed is standing on a light rug of the ivory shade that looks very distinctive on the wooden floor, and there are two n-shaped puffs of the same shade as a rug. Ceiling-mounted lamps hanging from both sides of the bed light modern streamlined bedside tables. Another interesting zone is a dressing or small working area with a wall-mounted wooden desk, a soft modern arm-chair of the rustic shade, and a tall bronze light.

Room purpose: Bedroom

Style: Contemporary

Color: Beige

Color: Orange

Color: White

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