Bedroom Mid-Century Modern style Virtual staging (BMC_0027)

Is it possible to combine modern with some vintage objects? Of course, and this bedroom is a good example. Its sleeping zone looks contemporary: there is a bed with a mustard velvet finish, two pillows of the moss shade matching a couple of cylinder puffs, and relief gray 3D panels that create an exclusive visual effect in combination with additional hanging bulbs. This zone is accentuated by a monochrome gray rug, and the only things that unite it with the relaxation space are a woven blanket and small wooden tables on a thick round leg. The space by the window is taken by a vintage armchair with a green textile top, a massive wooden mini-table, and floor-standing lamp that illuminates exclusive wall plate decor in particular!

Room purpose: Bedroom

Style: Mid-Century Modern

Color: Orange

Color: Green

Color: White

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