Kids room Contemporary style Virtual staging (KC_0027)

Kids love non-traditional constructions and elements, so this room will surely find its owner. There is a light bed with soft sides and a built-in wooden shelf. It looks elegant in the blue background of the walls and resembles a marine theme accentuated by an image of a sailor. The bed is decorated with lots of different pillows and a yellow blanket. Some of these pillows got stuck in one of the baskets standing by the bed. A floor in the center of the room is covered with a light patterned rug and holds other objects including a lamp to light the bed area and a toy deer standing next to it. The opposite side of the room is a working space. It consists of a white cabinet with wooden elements and a soft blue chair. This cabinet has a white desk and is adorned with animal decor and other toys.

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Contemporary

Color: White

Color: Yellow

Color: Blue

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