Living Room Mid-Century Modern style Virtual staging (LMC_0006)

Light shades and lots of open space make this living room comfortable, airy, and balanced. A large corner sofa has a light olive shade and is adorned with cushions of different patterns and shades. It is standing on the light beige sofa where the center is taken by a couple of coal black coffee tables and adorned with a black vase with dried plants. Other pieces located in the living room are a rectangular beige puff with wooden legs and a massive wooden mini table with a round light on it. The TV zone is accentuated by a wooden stand with lots of drawers and a designer lamp adding light to this space. The wall over the sofa is decorated with framed pictures that reflect the sunlight and add space versatility of colors.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Mid-Century Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Green

Color: Orange

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