Kids room Transitional style Virtual staging (KT_0005)

This nursery design is a perfect choice for a kid interested in space, astronomy, and other universes. It reminds the deck of a spaceship that flies in the darkness of the space depicted on the wall. Even a bed of a light blue shade with an exclusive headboard has dark bedding, decor, and side tables of an exclusive shape. Unique lamps remind the light of stars you can see in the distance. Looking at the rug, you can spot that it resembles the Moon with its unclear spots, while the working space makes a contrast to the general dimness. There is a wide white desk, two massive soft chairs, and lots of shelves adorned with small bulbs too. The accessories used in this room are thematic: from aliens and spaceship models to robots and rare animal species.

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Transitional

Color: Blue

Color: Beige

Color: Yellow

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