Living Room Modern style Virtual staging (LM_0028)

In this modern living room, nature's beauty and contemporary design converge seamlessly. The predominant green color scheme infuses the space with freshness and vitality. A flourishing tree in a pot serves as a living piece of art, bringing the outdoors inside and connecting the room with nature.A swivel-legged green chair adds a playful touch, allowing for flexibility in seating arrangements. The coffee table, with its gently green tube-shaped leg and glass top, exudes modern sophistication, providing a functional centerpiece for the room.A long brown leather pouf, casually adorned with a blanket, invites relaxation and serves as a versatile seating option.Opposite this cozy ensemble, a beige sofa awaits for TV viewing, creating a balanced and inviting living space that seamlessly blends contemporary style with the serenity of nature.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Modern

Color: Grey

Color: Green

Color: Orange

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