Dining room Modern style Virtual staging (DM_0011)

A beautiful sky-blue shade makes any interior more beautiful and the atmosphere pleasant. This dining room with bluish elements is a confirmation of this statement. There is a pure white round table with a cone leg surrounded by six stunning blue chairs standing on a round gray rug. The top of the table is adorned with tinted glass vases, one of which has a piece of greenery. One of the walls in this dining room looks very spectacular too. It is covered with large square 3D panels that add relief, and there is a black and white stand with smooth lines attached to it. The top of this stand is adorned with different decorative pieces like a ceramic vase with dried plants, a glass jar, a picture with a blue background, and many other things. A lamp beside it fills this space with light while the lush greenery of the plant is greatly combined with a beautiful blue pot.

Room purpose: Dining

Style: Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Blue

Color: Green

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