Kids room Contemporary style Virtual staging (KC_0030)

The children's room is a delightful embodiment of contemporary style, designed with the comfort and joy of two children in mind. The room features a charming bunk bed with convenient steps leading up to the top bunk. Opposite, the children's table beckons young minds to explore and create. Two gray chairs with charming oval backs and soft seats create a cozy place to study or play. Above the table is a charming painting of a whimsical frog, adorned with a fly agaric cap, surrounded by lush plants. In addition to the charm of the room, the window offers a picturesque view of the city, which adds a touch of wonder to the space. And by this window there is an easel, ready to reveal the artistic talents of the young residents. This room is a haven of creativity and comfort, perfect for two children to thrive and develop their imagination.

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Contemporary

Color: Blue

Color: Orange

Color: White

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