Living-Dining room Modern style Virtual staging (LDM_0004)

A trend to combine light pastel shades with dark elements is very popular in modern interiors. A sofa has a blue tone with a little darker pillows that look very similar to the color chosen for chairs in the dining area. Crispy white armchairs and light gray puffs support the neutral palette in this zone, but there is space for contrast too. A sleek black coffee table with a glass top, a small table for magazines next to a sofa, and a piece of art on the wall make a sophisticated and timeless combination of black and white! Even bases of chairs and a table in the dining area and a stand with framed art objects and vases in the walk-through area have pure black elements that emphasize contrast and balance in this interior.

Room purpose: Living-Dining

Style: Modern

Color: Grey

Color: Black

Color: Orange

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