Living Room Modern style Virtual staging (LM_0019)

A bold combo of dark orange and moss green can saturate any room interior with colors. No wonder a designer decided to combine natural wood and such neutral shades as gray and beige with much more vibrant tones. Therefore, a wooden stand with rounded angles and combined open and closed shelves has black elements that coincide with the TV color. The floor and a cubic coffee table standing on a gray rug have a similar wooden finish too. The rest of the furniture pieces are rather colorful: there is a huge green sofa with dark orange cushions, a matching modern armchair, and a lovely rectangular puff of the same shade and texture as pillows. Even a cylindrical mini-table combines white and military green elements while two modern art objects on the wall have inclusions of dark orange too.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Modern

Color: Green

Color: Red

Color: Brown

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