Kids room Scandinavian style Virtual staging (KS_0007)

Every girl dreams to live in a fantastic world, and parents decided to create one in her room! The first thing that strikes the eyesight in this interior is a beautiful rainbow on the wall, but its muted colors don't distract attention from other important elements located there. A bed seems to have been designed decades ago, but it remains an integral part of the elegant and functional modern bedroom. Natural materials and iconic designs can be also spotted in the choice of a bedside table, toys, and baskets to keep them. A bit of nature is added by a pot plant standing in the corner of the room, while an igloo seems to be an important object in the Nordic interior. Lots of other details like stars, suitcases, dressers with carved doors, and additional lighting make their special impression too.

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Beige

Color: Green

Color: White

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