Kids room Modern style Virtual staging (KM_0008)

Are you interested in original ideas for a kid's room? This is an example of such an exclusive solution. Every zone has its own color, so you can easily differentiate their functionality and location. Light pastel green is a sleeping area with a matching bed and bedside table as well as additional light. An unmatched breakthrough of this room is funny monkeys that seem to take responsibility for light. The central part of the room designed in light peach shades has a lovely rug in the form of a mushroom, a round table for various games, and funny plastic armchairs that look like aliens. The third zone of the room is mainly white and is adorned with lots of decorative items, books, and framed images. This is a chest of drawers and several shelves hanging over it that are used as extra storage in this room. Despite the presence of different shades, the interior looks wholesome and welcoming which is of utmost importance for a child.

Room purpose: Kids

Style: Modern

Color: Beige

Color: White

Color: Green

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