Dining room Contemporary style Virtual staging (DC_0010)

Sky blue is the most calming shade that can make any interior airy, tranquil, and inviting. This is exactly the goal achieved in this dining room interior. The purity of white walls and furniture would look dull without these amazing plastic chairs of the sky blue shade. They surround a white rectangular table with wide legs standing on a light beige carpet. Another inclusion of the sea shade is made in the serving zone where an art object on the wall displays all the beauty of this amazing hue. Naturally, it is not the only piece in this zone since there is also an elegant white stand with gray sides that is used to store books and several more decorative items too. A special charm is added by lush greenery of the pot tree, fruit, and bouquets of different plants in glass vases.

Room purpose: Dining

Style: Contemporary

Color: Grey

Color: White

Color: Blue

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