Dining room Contemporary style Virtual staging (DM_0013)

This dining room is an example of unpredictable solutions. A designer decided to combine a table of the silver shade with six brown 3-legged soft chairs as well as adorn it with a tray containing a couple of glass vases one of which has tree branches and a golden round piece. All this stuff is situated on the light beige carpet. The room has one more zone at the wall where you can see a brown stand with white facades. It serves as a display area for lots of decorative items including books, magazines, glass vases, and an art object with a red rectangle. The wall over it is adorned with a designer light that combines several circles of different size and color. One more piece of greenery in this dining room is a potted tree next to the stand.

Room purpose: Dining

Style: Modern

Color: Beige

Color: Red

Color: White

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