Bedroom Transitional style Virtual staging (BT_0020)

Yellow and mustard shades add warmth and comfort to the room, especially if they are combined with natural materials. No wonder this room has acquired a huge beige bed with a high soft headboard and was adorned with bright pillows and an art object with woven circles hanging above it. Even white bedside tables have received a beige line to match the bed and a little darker banquette with wooden legs. A light wooden floor has been calmed down with a dark gray rug too. Another zone of this bedroom has a large white commode with wooden elements adorned with a huge ceramic head and an elegant white flower plant in a matching pot. The wall above this commode has received brighter shades thanks to two art objects with yellowish elements as well.

Room purpose: Bedroom

Style: Transitional

Color: Beige

Color: Orange

Color: White

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