Bedroom Modern style Virtual staging (BM_0012)

One of the latest designer solutions introduced in the modern interiors is to adorn walls with traditional flooring materials.
A similar approach was chosen in this bedroom where a laminate and wall panels imitating wood are very alike.
It makes an effect of the wholesome space and adds warmth and comfort to the room.
Even the bed and white bedside tables look more distinctive in this background.
However, a true peculiarity of this room is a modern dressing area.
There is a spacious latte chest of drawers with hidden handles and lots of different trifles on the top as well as a round mirror with a dark frame that adorns a nude white wall.
A blanket thrown onto the leather banket makes an impression of some untidiness and eliminates room perfection and clarity.

Room purpose: Bedroom

Style: Modern

Color: Black

Color: Brown

Color: Grey

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