Living Room Transitional style Virtual staging (LT_0012)

This living room has a quite neutral color palette and a variety of shapes and forms in different combinations. The brightest spot that attracts the eyesight at first glance is a modern art object with yellow elements set in the middle of a central frame that adorns the wall. Two more frames have acquired wall-mounted lamps that fill this room with more warmth and light. The main piece of this space is a large sofa of the ivory shade combined with a matching armchair and a white commode. The contrasting fire brick tone is used in soft cylinder puffs, cushions, and decorative items like a candlestick and a horse statue. However, the charm and luxury to this space are added by a glass coffee table with a metal frame and a funny egg-shaped mini-table adorned with small golden balls holding a lamp.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Transitional

Color: Orange

Color: Red

Color: Brown

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