Bedroom Scandinavian style Virtual staging (BS_0031)

Step into a Scandinavian harbor where simplicity and natural charm intertwine. There is a large bed against the wall, surrounded by a round carpet decorated with thin black stripes. Bed in soft beige linen with accents of soothing green pillows, conducive to relaxation and serenity. The pouffe, echoing the color of the bed, creates a feeling of comfort next to you.
The round nightstand on the left is a functional sculpture surmounted by a cylindrical lamp that emits warm light.
Above the bed, light cascades in gentle waves, creating a soothing atmosphere. In a closet against the wall are figurines, flowers and books, a carefully curated blend of the simple joys of life. There is a green tree by the window.
This Scandinavian style bedroom combines minimalism and natural beauty to offer a serene getaway that celebrates the allure of simple living and soothing outdoor hugs.

Room purpose: Bedroom

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Beige

Color: Brown

Color: Green

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