Bedroom Modern style Virtual staging (BM_0024)

Navy is a perfect choice for a bedroom since it makes it cozier and more intimate, even if there are only a few elements of this hue. No wonder a designer has included a sizable art object with navy elements and a matching blanket on the bed in this generally light room. One more distinctive object in the bed decor is a dark red cover on a light gray bed with neutral bedding. It looks very impressive next to two light round puffs and a gingerbread rug on the floor. Dark elements in the picture also find representation in a black bedside table and dresser. Both of them are adorned with lights that have black elements, and there's also a round mirror on the dresser to reflect the rest of the object and make the interior wholesome.

Style: Modern

Color: Red

Color: Grey

Color: Blue

Room purpose: Bedroom

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