Living Room Scandinavian style Virtual staging (LS_0026)

Some Scandinavian interiors contain muted dark hues characteristic of Nordic landscapes combined with wood accents and lots of light. You can see such an example in this living room with a dark gray sofa adorned with cushions and blankets. It is placed against the wall with natural stone decor and small arch elements with three mounted round lights. This sofa is standing on a patterned rug that also holds a coffee table on three wooden legs, a classic armchair with wooden elements, and a leather bench with a cylinder accessory as well. Another wooden piece is located opposite the sofa: it is a wooden chest of drawers to match the floor and holding different decorative items like books, ceramic pieces, and others. There are two more lamps in addition to natural and wall light too.

Room purpose: Living

Style: Scandinavian

Color: Beige

Color: Grey

Color: Brown

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